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The Ancients and the Night Sky

🇬🇧 🇪🇸 Languages available for guided tour: English and Spanish (for Italian click here)

After a warm and busy day in Puglia, it is time to relax and enjoy the magic of Mediterranean nights. This tour takes place at twilight in the beautiful and peaceful countryside of Rudiae. First, we will visit the archaeological park with the amphitheater, then, surrounded by nature, olive trees and the remains of ancient civilizations, we will talk about myths, constellations, history, cosmology and more.


12th July-11th August8:00 PM
12th August-1st September7:30 PM
2nd-15th September7:00 PM
16th September-6th October6:30 PM
7th-26th October6:00 PM
27th October-16th November4:30 PM

Duration: circa 2:00h

Description: The tour starts visiting and informing about the main monuments of the archeological park, namely, the roman road, the remains of the sacred temple, the underground tomb and the amphitheater. In the second part of the tour, we will go down to the arena of the amphitheater. There, we will turn our attention to the sky. While talking about history, constellations and mythology we will travel in time and enjoy once again a timeless Mediterranean night.

Difficulty: This tour is intended for everyone. As it occurs with dark or little light, participants need to dress comfortable and pay attention when moving.

Recommendations: we ask participants to come with their mobile phones fully charged; therefore, they could use them as flashlights for moving when it gets dark. Bringing a flashlight is also a good option. In addition, we suggest participants to bring some mosquito repellent spray and a beach towel or fabric for covering the floor in case they would like to lye or sit on the ground while we are at the arena of the Roman amphitheater.


🎟️ 16€ for adults

🎟️ 13€ for children from 10 to 18 years old and persons over 65 years old

🎟️ Free of charge for children under 10, persons with disabilities and one accompanying person

(To start the tour, the minimum number of participants is 2 or a single ticket of 30€)

Prices listed on this site may differ from prices posted on other outlets


What is included: tour with a guide and entrance to the Archeological Park of Rudiae. 

Venue: Archeological Park of Rudiae

Getting to the tour venue: The Archeological Park of Rudiae is 3.5 km far from the city center of Lecce. We suggest participants to reach it by car/taxi. There is plenty of space for free parking. For a taxi, contact your hotel reception or find some taxi numbers here.

Reservation: Booking is necessary. Ask for information and check availability by sending a WhatsApp message to +39 3481149586 or writing an email to Please, specify your name and phone number, the number of participants and their age, the language that you prefer for the tour and the day that you would like to participate.

📞 +39 3481149586


Cancellation: Clouds prevent sky observation and thus achieving part of the tour aims. If the forecast arises some doubts that the sky will be even partly cloudy, we will inform participants by 3 PM the same day of the tour about the cancellation of the tour.

This tour is conducted in collaboration with Zeitlos Tours. Visit this link to get to know more about our partner and to see impressions of this tour (if the link does not work click on “NightTour Rudiae” of the Story Highlights):

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