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During the classical guided tour of the archeological park, visitors will be introduced to the history of Rudiae and of the region of Salento. We will present the archaeological monuments and remains while also telling the fascinating story of their discovery [read more]

Let’s bike along the pleasant and easy road that from Lecce leads to the lost city of Rudiae. Along the way, we will have short stops, where we will learn about the monuments that tell the unique history and culture of these two cities in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Arriving to Rudiae, surrounded by a fascinating rural landscape, we will visit the archaeological park. The tour concludes with a return to Lecce [read more].

After a warm and busy day in Puglia, it is time to relax and enjoy the magic of Mediterranean nights. This tour takes place at twilight in the beautiful and peaceful countryside of Rudiae. First, we will visit the archaeological park with the amphitheater, then, surrounded by nature, olive trees and the remains of ancient civilizations, we will talk about myths, constellations, history, cosmology and more [read more]